Sunday, 10 February 2013

Oatsinajar - My New Favourite Breakfast

The good thing about this breakfast is that you can be as inventive as you like. Add anything and everything, like seeds, spices and different fruit. This was my first attempt so I'm sure I'll have some more delicious oats in a jar recipes to put up soon.

 Ingredients (rough estimates for one jam jar)

1/3 porridge oats
1 tbsp flax seed (optional)
1/3 milk (any milk is fine)
2 tsp natural yoghurt (natural or flavoured)
5 raspberries
8 blueberries
2 tsp honey (or jam)
(I would have liked a pinch of cinnamon in too, but I'll try that next time)

1. Put everything in a jam jar and stir or shake the contents of the jar until everything is mixed well.

2. Place the jar in the fridge overnight, ready to eat with a spoon in the morning. I chopped banana on top while I was spooning the porridge out. You can also put banana straight into the mix before refrigerating. 

Be inventive! 

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